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We give Florida New Home Buyers Over 83% of our usual 3% commission – It’s one of the best New Home Rebates in Florida!

We Give Realty – We Give You 2.5% Cash Back (Over 83% of our usual commission) on ANY new home in Florida.

We Pay You to Buy New!

Welcome to FLNewHomeRebate.com by We Give Realty, where WE PAY YOU to buy a new home! If you’d like to save thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars, you’ve come to the right place. At FloridaRebatesRealty.com, we give new home buyers 2.5% cash back – That’s Over 83% of our usual 3% commission! It’s the BEST new home rebate in Florida!

Did you know that real estate commissions are reserved by the builder for the buyer’s Realtor and are factored into the price whether you use a Realtor or not? Also, your 2.5% cash back is in ADDITION to to any special promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free options, upgrades, or any other builder incentives! Don’t leave money on the table – just Call or Text us at (904) 580-GIVE (904-580-4483) before signing the contract (and before visiting the builder’s model – if possible) so you don’t miss out!

3 Steps to 2.5%

It’s easy to get started. And there’s no cost or obligation.

1. Print Certificate

Print the certificate we email to you

2. Visit Model

Give the certificate to the Site Agent

3. Save Big!

Save an EXTRA 2.5% on your New Home!

Save Anywhere in Florida

Bradenton • Daytona Beach • Fort Lauderdale • Fort Myers • Fort Walton Beach • Gainesville • Jacksonville • Lakeland • Melbourne • Miami • Naples • Orlando • Palm Beach • Panama City Beach • Pensacola Port St. Lucie • Punta Gorda • Sarasota • St. Augustine • St. Petersburg • Tallahassee • Tampa • Vero Beach • Winter Haven and everywhere in-between!

Save 2.5% Today! Call or Text Us at (904) 580-GIVE


Thank you Matt for finding us our Dream Home with Riverside Homes!

– John S., Saved $8,363 with Riverside Homes

Why We Give Realty is the Smartest Choice

We Reward You

At We Give Realty, we feel that new home buyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts. By searching for your home yourself, you save us time and money, so we pass the savings on to you!

Best in Florida

At We Give Realty, we give Florida new home buyers 2.5% cash back – That’s Over 83% of our usual 3% commission! It’s one of the BEST new home rebates in Florida!

Key to Unlocking Savings

We are the key to unlocking savings from commissions reserved for the buyer’s Realtor. Don’t leave money on the table! Commissions are factored into the price whether you use a Realtor or not.

Keep Your Discounts

Your 2.5% cash back is in addition to any special promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free options, upgrades, or any other incentives that the Builder may be offering when you purchase.


Great experience and the rebate really helped with new furniture and a fence for our home.

– Erik S., Saved $7,558 with D.R. Horton

A New Approach to Real Estate

Real estate has changed. Today, many homebuyers prefer to search for a new home online. The traditional real estate model is still playing by the old rules, but at We Give Realty, we feel that homebuyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts.

Real Estate Has Changed

With today’s technology, you can search for new homes and communities anytime and anywhere – on your laptop, tablet, or cellphone. And when you’re ready to buy, you can simply go to the Builder’s model on your own, without a Realtor, pick out the home and options you like, and sign the contract. BUT if you do that, you’ll be leaving money on the table! Did you know that most new home buyers use a Realtor, and because of this, commissions to be paid exclusively to Realtors is reserved by the Builder in a separate fund? As a general rule, You will not pay more if you use a Realtor and you will not pay less if you don’t! That’s where We Give Realty comes in. As a Real Estate Agency, we get paid commissions (usually 3%) to bring buyers to the Builder, and because of our low overhead, we are able to give most of our commissions to you when you use us to buy your new home.

Your Options

Go Solo

Just walk into any new home model and work directly with the sales agent. You give up your right to be represented by a Realtor and the Builder keeps the commissions that are reserved to be paid to a Real Estate Agent.

Traditional Realty

Use a traditional realty. The Builder will pay a Real Estate Agent a commission to represent you (typically 3%). Because the Real Estate Agent does not work for the Builder, they can be more objective and look out for your best interest.

We Give Realty

Use We Give Realty, where you not only get the benefit of real estate representation, but also 2.5% cash back!


Christy was excellent!! Thank you again.

– Lan Y., Saved $19,700 with David Weekley Homes

Save 2.5% Today! Call or Text Us at (904) 580-GIVE

Work with a Real Estate Broker who pays you Cashback!

We’ve saved our customers thousands (and some even tens of thousands) of dollars on their new homes!

Multi-Million Dollar Producers – We’ve helped dozens of great people and families find their new dream home from many builders in Florida

Designations: Accredited Buyer’s Representative® (ABR®) • Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS) • Residential Construction Certified (RCC) • Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Certifications: At Home With Diversity® (AHWD®) • AV Homes Certified • e-PRO® • Military Relocation Professional (MRP) • New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) • Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) • Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS)


Happy Customers

Our customers have saved thousands (some even tens of thousands) at new home communities all over Florida!

★★★★★ you GO girl, don and i are SO happy we found you 🙂

Cathleen D. Saved $9,789 at Palencia Lennar

★★★★★ Awesome program! Absolutely works! A+++++ I was skeptical, but so glad we tried it!

Mattamy Rebate
Jennifer L. Saved $5,102 at Bartram Park Preserve Mattamy Homes

★★★★★ This is such a generous way to do business. Sounds too good to be true, but there are no catches.

Nocatee Rebate
Nancy S. Saved $5,100 at TrailMark Landon Homes


Why wouldn’t you use them? If are purchasing a new home, you could use the cash. This is such a generous way to do business. Sounds too good to be true, but there are no catches.

– Nancy S., Saved $5,100 with Landon Homes


Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?
There is no catch. It is a win-win – you get to save thousands on your new home and we get to work with a customer who would have bought a new home without us.  
What is a New Home Rebate / Cashback?
New Home Rebates are not very common, so not many people are aware of them. Some of the biggest names in the rebate real estate industry you may have heard of are/were Assist-2-Sell, BuySide Realty/Iggy’s House, iNest, Redfin, and Zip Realty. New Home Rebates are very similar to cashback reward credit cards. When you use a cashback credit card to make a purchase, you get a cashback credit on your billing statement. When you use a rebate realty to buy a new home, you get a cashback credit on the settlement statement at closing. A New Home Rebate is also similar to a rebate on a new car, cell phone, etc., but on a much larger scale.  
What is considered a New Home?
We consider any home that is sold by a builder to be a New Home, including homes built from the ground up, Quick Move-In Homes, and the Builder’s Model Home.  
Can I save 2.5% on a Quick Move-In Home?
Yes, Quick Move-In homes (aka Move-In Ready, “spec”, inventory homes) are considered new construction homes and are eligible.

Can I save 2.5% on a Builder's Model Home?
Yes, when a community is almost built-out and is nearing completion, the Builder will sell their model home. The model home usually will carry the same Builder’s warranty as any other home they sell and the Builder will usually correct any issues with the home before you close on it. Model homes are also eligible for our rebate.

Does this work for Resale Homes?
Yes, but we only offer 1% cashback on resale homes (and currently only work with resale buyers in the North East Florida area). Unlike new construction homes, resale home purchases require us to schedule and attend showing appointments, present and negotiate offers and amendments, and schedule and attend home inspections, walk-throughs, etc.

Is the 2.5% Cashback amount negotiable?
As far as we know, we offer the best new home cashback rebate in the state of Florida, so our rebate is not negotiable. However, if you come across a Realtor in the area who offers a better rebate than we do, just let us know and we will do our best to compete with their offer.

Is there a minimum purchase price required to receive my Cashback?
No, unlike other rebate real estate companies who require a minimum purchase price or use a sliding scale to issue a lower percentage cashback rebate for lower-priced homes, your full 2.5% new home cashback rebate is paid to you on a home for any price, provided that at least 3% commission is paid by the Builder (Seller).

Are there any fees I have to pay to receive my Cashback?
Unlike many real estate companies, who charge a transaction fee up to $500, we do not charge a transaction fee. The only fees we may charge are to to buyers outside of our service area who need us to meet them in person. If you need one of our agents to accompany you to the Builder’s model/sales center or corporate office, or the Title Company’s office, and you are outside of our area (North East Florida), we may have to charge an up-front fee to cover our travel and lodging expenses.

How much money can I expect to save?
On a typical transaction, we are paid 3% and we give you a 2.5% rebate. The rebate on a home purchased for $300,000 would usually be $7,500 ($300,000 x 2.5% = $7,500).

How do you calculate my Cashback?
When you buy a new home with us, we give over 83% of our 3% commission back to you. The commission is paid to us by the Builder (Seller). The commission is typically paid on the total purchase price (which is calculated on the base price plus lot price and any upgrades minus any builder incentives). For example, a new home with a Base Price of $250,000, a Lot Price of $15,000, Upgrades of $45,000, and Builder Incentives (Discounts) of $10,000 would equal a total purchase price of $300,000. In this example, your 2.5% rebate would be $7,500. Please note: closing costs, pre-paids (property taxes, home owners insurance) are not considered part of the total purchase price. Also, if a builder pays part or all of your closing costs as an incentive for using their preferred lender, they may deduct that amount from the purchase price when they calculate the commission. For example, on a $300,000 home with paid closing costs of $10,000, the Builder may base our 3% commission on a purchase price of $290,000 ($300,000 minus $10,000 paid closing costs). In this scenario, your cashback would be $7,250 instead of $7,500.

How and when will I receive my Cashback?
As much as possible of your cashback will be applied to your closing costs and/or prepaids, so you can bring less funds to closing for your new home. Please note: Closing costs vary depending on the lender, title company, loan amount, price of your home, and when your closing takes place.

What if my Cashback is more than my closing costs/prepaids?
Because many builders offer incentives to pay some or all of your closing costs when you use their preferred lender, we may not be able to have the full amount of your 2.5% cashback rebate applied towards closing costs/prepaids. If there is any remaining balance we owe you from your 2.5% rebate, we can ask the lender to use it for an interest rate buy-down, to lower your monthly payment.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Cashback?
Because we are not CPAs, it is illegal for us to give you tax advice. If you have questions or concerns regarding the tax implications of a new home rebate, please consult your tax professional before signing up.  
Will you issue me a 1099 Tax Form?
We do not issue 1099 tax forms to our customers because of the IRS ruling # 200721013 that “a payment or credit at closing represents an adjustment to the purchase price of the home and generally is not includible in a purchaser’s gross income. Nor does Taxpayer have an information reporting obligation for those amounts under any other section of the Code.”  
Are Home Rebates legal in Florida?
Rebates ARE LEGAL in Florida per Rule 61J2-10.028 (DOJ –Florida Allows Rebates) and are even encouraged by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ – Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive). However, there is a lot of misinformation regarding home rebates because:

  • Rebates are illegal in 9 states – Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee
  • Most real estate companies do not offer rebates because it is not part of their business model
  • Some real estate companies do not allow their agents to offer rebates because it is against their company policy

Because of this, there is a common misconception that rebates in general are not allowed or are illegal. Plus, in the cut-throat world of real estate, many agents may not want you to know that you can get thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for free when you use their competition.

What areas of Florida do you offer your services in?
Being a Florida-Licensed Real Estate Brokerage, we can represent you remotely as your REALTOR® and pay you a cashback rebate on ANY new home for sale ANYWHERE in the State of Florida where a commission of at least 3% is being paid by the Builder (Seller). If your Builder requires us to accompany you on your first visit to their model home/sales center and/or to contract signing (or if you would like us to), we may have to charge an up-front fee to cover our travel and lodging expenses for areas outside of North East Florida (Jacksonville / Orange Park / St. Johns / St. Augustine). Please note: If you need one of our agents to meet you in person outside of the North East Florida area, please give us as much advance notice as possible so we can do our best to accommodate your request.  
What builders do you work with in Florida?
We work with all Florida new home builders, including Adams Homes-HBA Tampa, Ashton Woods Homes, Avalon Building Corporation, Bayfair Homes, Beazer Homes, CalAtlantic Homes, Cardel Homes, Castillo Housing Corp, Centex Homes, Costanza Homes, Cotton & Company, Crown Community Development, David Weekley Homes, DDA Development, Deeb Family Homes, Inc, DiGiovanni Homes, Domain Homes, F Street Homes, Florida Home Partnership, GL Homes, Grandview Homes, Greenergy Communities, Highland Homes, Hillandale Reserve, Home Dynamics Corporation, Homes by WestBay, Horizon Homes, ICI Homes, Icon Residential, Island Way Towers Llc, JayCor Homes, Jeffrey C Larson, JMC Communities, JMC Homes, John Cannon Homes Inc, K. Hovnanian® Homes, KB Home, Klein Realty, Lennar, LGI Homes, M/I Homes, Maronda Homes, Mattamy Homes, Mazas Holdings, Mercury Advisors, Meritage Homes, Miller Florida Homes, Minto Communities, Mobley Homes, Neal Communities, Neal Signature Homes, Newland Communites, Pioneer Homes, Pulte Homes, Ryan Homes, Ryland Homes, Sabal Homes of Florida Inc, Shimberg Homes, Southern Crafted Homes, Standard Pacific Homes, Suarez Housing Corporation, Sunrise Homes Inc, Suntech Properties, Inc., Taylor Morrison, The Eco Home Company, Turain Signature Homes Inc, Vintage Estate Homes, Voeller Construction Inc, Wade Jurney Homes, WCI Communities Inc, William Ryan Homes, and many more!

Where are new homes being built in Tampa?
Apollo Beach

EcoVillage Waterset, Fisherman’s Cove at Mirabay, Harbour Isles, Mira Bay – Admiral Pointe, MiraBay, MiraBay Estate Homes, Osprey Landing, Waterset, Waterset – 70’s, Waterset – Cottage Series, Waterset – Garden Series, Waterset Innovation, Waterset Inspiration – 60’s, Waterset Lake, Waterset Patio, Waterset Townhomes

Bayonet Point

Autumn Oaks


Belleview Place – Carriage Homes, Belleview Place – Midrise Residences

Belleair Beach

Belleair Beach, Onella Condos


Arbor Oaks, Broadway Centre, Brooker Reserve – Manor Series, Brooker Reserve – Park Series, The Estates at Limona Woods, Estates at Ware Ranch, Hidden Forest Reserve, Kingsfield Place, La Collina, La Collina – 60’s, La Collina – 70’s, La Collina Innovation, Stonewood


Deerfield Estates, Deerfield Lakes, Sand Ridge, Sherman Hills, Trillium


Island Way Towers, Renaissance Oaks, Somerset Beach Club

Dade City

Sunset Hills


Dover Ridge, Martin’s Garden Estates, Stoney Creek


Aqua Solis, Victoria Place


Bullfrog Creek Preserve, Carriage Pointe, The Coves at Carriage Pointe, The Preserve at Bullfrog Creek, Southgate, Tuscany Bay


Vista Lakes


Sugarmill Woods


Briar Oaks, Lakeside – Estates, Lakeside – Executive, Lakeside – Manors, Lakeside – Villas, Meadow Oaks, The Reserve at Meadow Oaks

Indian Shores


Land O Lakes

Bexley, Bexley – Cottage Series, Bexley – Garden Series, Bexley – Village Series, Bexley Avenue, Bexley Estates, Bexley Innovation, Bexley Inspiration, Bexley Manors, Bexley Town Estates, Bexley Townhomes, Concord Station – The Retreat, Concord Station – Waterford Estates & The Enclave, Connerton, Connerton Inspiration 65’s, Connerton Inspiration 75’s, Garden Estates, Garden Manors, LakeShore Ranch, Lakeshore Ranch 65’s, Lakeshore Ranch 75’s, Terra Bella, Vinyard Collection, The Woodlands


The Enclave at Lake Seminole


Channing Park, Chapman Crossing at FishHawk Ranch, The Enclave at Channing Park, Encore at FishHawk Ranch – Classic Series, Encore at FishHawk Ranch – Signature Series, Encore at FishHawk Ranch – Tradition Series, FishHawk Preserve, FishHawk Ranch, FishHawk Ranch – Cottage Series, FishHawk Ranch – Manor Series, FishHawk Ranch – Paired Homes, FishHawk Ranch 70’s, FishHawk Ranch Sagewood, Preserve, Starling at FishHawk Ranch, Tern Wood at Fish Hawk Ranch, Westlake at FishHawk


Birchwood Preserve, Cordoba Estates – Executive Series, Cordoba Estates – Premier Series, Hidden Oaks Townhomes, Ladera, Long Lake Ranch, Long Lake Ranch – Townhomes, The Promenade at Lake Park, Turain Signature Homes Inc

Madeira Beach

Eco Madeira Beach

New Port Richey

Longleaf, River Ridge Country Club – Windsor Place at River Ridge Country Club, Rose Haven, Southern Crafted Homes , Windsor Place at River Ridge Country Club


Asturia, Asturia – Cottage Series, Asturia – Garden Series, Asturia – Lake Series, Asturia – Manor Series, Asturia – Park Series, The Eagles, Esplanade at Starkey Ranch, Starkey Ranch, Starkey Ranch – Garden Homes, Starkey Ranch – Village Homes, Starkey Ranch 65’s, Starkey Ranch 75’s


Tuscany Woods

Palm Harbor

Arbor Chase, Harbor Springs, Innisbrook Fairway, Innisbrook Signature

Palma Ceia

South Tampa

Plant City

Berry Road Estates, Eastridge Preserve, Park Place, Walden Point

Port Richey

Hampton Village at River Ridge Country Club, Reserve at Meadow Oaks

Ridge Manor

Sunset Hills


Arbor Park, Ballentrae, Bell Creek Preserve, Canterfield Farms Estates, Enclave at Boyette, Enclave at SouthFork, Estates at South Cove, FishHawk Ranch, The Hammocks at Summerfield Crossings, Ibis Cove I at South Fork, Ibis Cove II at South Fork, Lucaya Lake Club – Lakeside, Lucaya Lake Club – Parkside, Lucaya Lake Club – Premier Lakefront, Magnolia Park, Mariposa, Medford Lakes I, Medford Lakes II, Oak Creek, Oak Creek Townhomes, The Pointe at Summerfield Crossings, Providence Ranch, The Reserve, The Reserve at Pradera, The Reserve at South Fork, Riverview Lakes Townhomes, Shady Creek, Southfork Lakes, Starling Oaks, Stillwater at South Fork, Stone Walk at South Fork, Summerset at South Fork, The Summit at Fern Hill, Triple Creek, Waterleaf, Waterleaf Estates, Waterleaf Executive, WaterStone Lakes – Florida Series, Winthrop Village


Antigua Cove, Antigua Point, Bayridge, Belmont Estates, Belmont Executive, Belmont Manors, Chatham Walk, Cypress Creek Estates, Cypress Creek Manors, Hawks Landing 50′, Hawks Point Manor Homes, Hawks Point Town Estates, MiraBay, Riverbend West Estates, Riverbend West Executive, Serenity Bay, Serenity Preserve, The Villages at Cypress Creek, Waterset

Saint Petersburg

Central Living – St. Petersburg, The Cove at Loggerhead Marina, Eco St. Petersburg, Marina Bay, Ovation, The Salvador

San Antonio

Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club


Hunters Lake Manor Series, Hunters Lake Park Series, Vineyard Reserve


Seminole Groves, Seminole Oaks

Spring Hill

Carlisle at Villages of Avalon, Crown Pointe, Deerfield Estates, Deerfield Lakes, Spring Hill, Talavera – Premier Collection

Sun City Center

Sun City, Venetian at Bay Park


Bellast Point, Bassett Creek at K-Bar Ranch, BOYL, BridgeHaven Townhomes, Castillo Housing Corp , Central Living – South Tampa, Central Living – Tampa City Home, Cory Lake Isles, Cypress Chase, Cypress Estates, The Delvillar, Eagle Pointe, Esplanade of Tampa, The Exchange of Westshore, Grand Central at Kennedy, Grand Hampton, Hillandale Reserve , Hixon Preserve, Jackson Square Townhomes, K-Bar Ranch, Kennedy Plaza Townes, Lakeside Oaks Reserve, Lincoln Townes, The Manors at Lake Padgett, Marsh Pointe, The Palms at Citrus Park, Park Brook in Citrus Park, Reserve at Lake LeClare, Reserve at West Park Village, Seminole Heights, Seminole Park – Single-Family, Terracina Townhomes, The Villas at Twin Lakes, West End II, West Lake Reserve, Westlake Townhomes, Westshore Village, Westshore Yacht Club, Woodland Preserve

Tarpon Springs

Bayshore Heights, Brittany Park, Keystone Ridge Estates, Tarpon Key


Oak Ranch


The Champions Club, Trinity Lakes, Wild Fern Village at Trinity Lakes, Willow Reed at Trinity Lakes


Arbor Reserve, The Highlands, Shetland Ridge, Starling Ridge

Weeki Wachee

Glenlakes, Royal Highlands

Wesley Chapel

Arbor Woods, Avalon Park West, Country Walk, Country Walk – Palm Series, Country Walk – Signature Series, Enclave at Meadow Pointe, Epperson, Estancia at Wiregrass – Cortona, Estancia at Wiregrass – Marbella and Sienna, Estancia at Wiregrass – Matera, Estancia at Wiregrass – Ravello, Estancia at Wiregrass – Santeri Villas, Estancia at Wiregrass – Savona, Estancia at Wiregrass – Toscana, Estancia at Wiregrass – Treviso, Estancia at Wiregrass – Vicenza, Evergreen at Country Walk, The Manors, Maple Glen at Seven Oaks, Meridian at Meadow Pointe, Provence at Meadow Pointe, The Ridge at Wiregrass Ranch, The Town Estates, The Townhomes, Union Park, Union Park 75’s, WaterGrass, WaterGrass – Cypress Bend, WaterGrass – Whisper Pointe, Windermere Estates Townhomes, Windsor at Meadow Pointe


Ayersworth Glen, Mirabella, Sereno, Sereno Estates, Sereno Executive, Southfork Lakes, Stonegate, Stoneridge at Ayersworth Glen, Valencia Lakes, Vista Palm Estates, Vista Palm Manors


Andrews Manor, Country Walk, Debary Plantation, Enclave, Forest Oaks – Phase 2, Glen Abbey, Grand Hampton, Lake Nona Area, Meadow Pointe, Montecito Townhomes, Oceanside Estates, Park Place, San Marino Estates, Santa Fe at Westbrooke, Stonebridge at Chapel Creek, Turtle Creek

Why should I use a REALTOR® to buy a new home?
Because the majority (up to 80%) of new home buyers use a REALTOR®, real estate commissions are set aside to be paid out on every new home. So if you buy a new home, as a general rule, you will pay the same price if you use a real estate agent or not. As a Buyer, it is your choice if you want to be represented in your new home purchase. The sales agent at the model works for the builder, so they may not have your best interests in mind. When you use us, not only do you get our free service of representing you, you also get one of the best cashback rebates in the entire state of Florida!  
Can I buy a new home without a REALTOR® and ask the Builder to pay me the commissions instead?
Yes, you can ask the Builder to pay you instead, but their answer most likely will be “No”. The majority of new home buyers work with a REALTOR®, so if a Builder started trying to cut real estate agents out of the picture, they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Most Builders have REALTOR® events – where they have free lunches/dinners, free gifts and contests to win prizes. Builders do this to develop relationships with the real estate agents in their area. It’s in the Builder’s best interest to work with real estate agents because they basically are like an outside sales team for the Builder, and the Builder doesn’t have to pay them unless they sell a home.  
If I'm already working with a REALTOR®/real estate agent, can I work with you instead?
We do not encourage this, but, you may be able to. However, if you signed an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement or any other Broker-Buyer agreement with another real estate agent, we cannot represent you or issue you a cashback rebate unless you first cancel that agreement. Also, if you already registered with a Builder with another REALTOR®, the Builder may not allow you to change your REALTOR®.  
How do you get paid?
The Builder (Seller) pays us to bring them a Buyer for the property. Our payment is in the form of a commission (typically 3% of the final sales price of the property). In Florida, it is the individual real estate agency’s choice if they want to keep the entire commission for themselves or share it with their clients. And it’s your choice who you want to have represent you.  
How much do you charge for your Buyer Representation services?
Our services are free – there is no charge to you. We are paid by the Builder (Seller). Builders pay real estate agents from a separate fund (usually their marketing budget). As real estate agents, we bring Builders new customers, just like their advertising (billboards, radio and TV commercials, ads, etc.) does. Because real estate agents are paid from this separate fund, it does not affect the price of the home. As a general rule, you do not pay more if you use a REALTOR® and you do not pay less if you don’t.  
If I already visited a community and/or started working with the Builder, can I still receive a Cashback Rebate?
It depends on how far along in the sales process you are and whether the Builder requires you to register us as your REALTOR® on your first visit. We are happy to contact the sales agent you were working with and find out if it’s not too late for us to represent you in your new home purchase.  
Can we visit new home communities on our own without you or one of your agents?
Yes, but to ensure your eligibility for your cashback rebate, you should first register with us and let us know of any communities you’d like to visit before you visit them. Some communities and Builders require us to accompany you in person on your first visit or at contract signing. We can first contact the builders and find out their requirements for us to represent you. If you do visit any new home communities without us, be sure to let the Builder know you are working with a REALTOR® and write my contact information on the Builder’s registration form: Christy Redmer, Broker-Associate, License # BK3289512 / We Give Realty, LLC / (904) 580-GIVE (4483) / WeGiveRealty@gmail.com    
Is this a Government Program?
No. Your rebate comes from us, the real estate broker, after it is deducted from the commission paid by the Builder (Seller). However, there are government programs that provide grants and down payment assistance that you may also be eligible for. The difference between our rebate and government programs is that government programs usually are only available to first-time homebuyers or certain income-level buyers. Our rebate does not have these restrictions. Anyone is eligible to receive the rebate provided they comply with the terms and conditions of our agreement and state law.  

Still Have Questions? Call / Text (904) 580-GIVE